Our very long Stay in Salem, Virginia in a Motel Room for 41 Days!

Yes, you read it correctly, and did I mention, with two cats! I should also mention the reason we were at the motel for so long, and not moving into an apartment, was because of the location and view of the apartment we wanted, we had to wait until 2/15 for it to become available for us. We spent a lot of time at the library, read many books. The cats loved it in that small space, they slept with us and got a lot more attention from us than they were used to with both of us working full-time jobs in California. We shopped for new furniture, smaller, and more appropriate for an apartment, than what we had in our Laguna Beach house. We left furniture, dishes, bedding, curtains etc. etc. etc. to the new owner. Also we weren't used to the very cold weather in Virginia, and that kept us inside the motel a lot. Jim walked every morning around the neighborhood, sometimes for only a few minutes because of the cold weather. I walked too, but not so consistently.
Planned Dates
2011-01-05 to 2011-02-15

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