Cruise #1 - Our Adventures to Alaska, by Air, Ship, Bus, Boat, Jeep & ATM

This was suppose to be our 50th Wedding Anniversary trip on August 12, 2011! We had decided that Alaska was the place and a cruise was how we wanted to travel, but the details...Omg!! So many decisions! What time of the year would be the best time, weather-wise How many days, did we want to include a land tour before or after the cruise, which airline, did we want to fly from Roanoke Airport or save money and drive to Charlotte or Raleigh NC airport. If we drive to a NC airport, we would have to stay overnight in a hotel, one that would let us park our truck for the days we were traveling and transport us to and from the airport. Did we want to start the cruise in Vancouver, Canada or Seattle, Washington?
Planned Dates
2012-08-30 to 2012-09-10

Trip Map