A Most Unexpected Journey. Pete and Al sail for Antarctica's Ross Sea.

We are very privileged to have been invited to sail to Antarctica on The World. This will be our third voyage on this amazing ship. With just seven weeks notice our bosses both said yes to allowing us an opportunity very few will ever have. Antarctica is on, I'd think, most people's bucket lists. While most travel from South America to the Antarctic Peninsula, we'll be sailing from Hobart for the Ross Sea, returning to Christchurch just over three weeks later. As well as seeing the 'usual' penguins (!!!), seals and whales, we'll hopefully have the opportunity to visit the huts of two of the great Antarctic explorers - Shackleton and Scott. We might even get as far south as the Ross Ice Shelf. Along the way we hope to visit some of the Ross Sea research stations, possibly even Scott and McMurdo. Luckily we already had most of the 'cold' gear we'll need after travelling to Greenland in 2015. We've stocked up on seasick tablets as we have five days in each direction crossing the Southern Ocean - passing from the roaring forties, through the furious fifties and finally across the screaming sixties. Happy feet here we come.
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Jan 14, 2017 to Feb 07, 2017

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