Cuba ~ more than just cigars, rum & classic American cars

I seem to over recent years try and visit emerging countries for tourists before they change. So with the American embargo lifted, Cuba quickly rose to the top of my list. Plus with my limited travel opportunity that I had this year, Cuba fitted in well ... 3 weeks away but literally a week was taken up just getting to and from Cuba. I had two options of going via LA, USA and Mexico City, Mexico or via Santiago, Chile and Lima, Peru. Having never been to Lima except for a transit it was a no brainer to spend one brief but full day there. Plus it was a bit cheaper. Decided on travelling with Explore whom I travelled with in Myanmar. This is what enticed me .... Cuba Adventure Holiday This remarkable journey through Cuba explores the island's revolutionary history and its modern, vibrant Caribbean culture. Travelling across the breadth of the country, we will discover colonial highlights and pass through glorious countryside, rich with exotic birds and flowers. The sea is never far away, with spectacular coastlines and tropical islands to enjoy. We also stay with the locals in privately run "casas particulares" in Trinidad. Tour Highlights · Havana - Experience the faded colonial yet vibrant Cuban capital · Trinidad - Enjoy the laidback atmosphere of this colonial town. Dance at the Casa de la Musica or sip a rum cocktail under the stars · Topes de Collantes - Walk through mountain forests, swim in fresh water pools and camp out in haciendas · Casas Particulares - Stay in locally-owned and run private homestays in the heart of colonial Trinidad · Comandancia de la Plata - Trek through the jungle to Fidel's 1950's rebel headquarters · Vinales Valley - Admire the peculiar but spectacular landscape of steep limestone hills (mogotes) rising from the valley floor · White-sand beaches - Enjoy Cuba's famous beaches, including those found on the spectacular Cayo Levisa Island
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Dec 18, 2015 to Jan 07, 2016

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