I left my job to travel around the world!

I went on a round the world trip after quitting my job of eight years, I am 33 years old, female and could not believe I went on the most amazing trip of a lifetime. I took the courage to make the decision to leave my job after I felt something was not right anymore. One of my hobbies is writing so I used my year break to write as much as I can about the experiences I had and the people I met. This blog is about my 9 months travels to... Costa Rica, Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, Bolivia and back to Colombia the second time! I volunteered for 4 months full time at Angeles de Medellin a social foundation for poor and displaced Colombians. If you enjoy reading my blog, make a donation and this will go to these people in need and you will become an Angel. More information here: www.angelesdemedellin.com
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Dec 10, 2011 to Sep 29, 2012

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