Zimnik Yuryung-Khaya: Expedition Extreme Arctic Russia

This is a story of our remarkable 3,000 kilometer journey along the zimnik (ice and winter roads) from Yakutsk to Yuryung-Khaya, one of the northernmost settlements in all of the Russian Federation and following the most northern road in the world. Our story also includes a 2,000 km return road journey from Yakutsk to Oymyakon. Otherwise known as The Pole of Cold, it is the coldest settlement in the world boasting a record of a staggering minus 72.1 C! Our expedition was not without excitement, adventure and gloriously stunning scenery. It also included the forging of close relationships with ethnic Yakut and Dolgan people with whom we stayed, as well as our guide, drivers and other wonderful people we met on our journey. It was we would have to admit, a journey up there with some of our very best!
Planned Dates
2020-02-09 to 2020-03-12

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