Holy Land 2011

I am writing this on 11/10/2012, one year after we left for the most incredible journey we have taken so far in our 33 year marriage. I blogged our trip on another site, but I am trying to find a more user-friendly blogging program before our next adventure -- to Vietnam and Cambodia, hence the 2013 in the Title. Our adventure to the Holy Land began on 11/10/2012 when we left Salt Lake City early in the morning, landing in Amman, Jordan the evening of 11/11/2012. Essentially, we missed Veteran's Day last year, which was an important day for several reasons -- 1) my dad 2) my uncle 3) my husband 4) my brother -- all USAF Vets. My dad died on 11/11/2000 so last year, 11/11/11, was the 11th anniversary of his death. Although we spent most of Veteran's Day in the air, or in a different time zone, it was a day of remembrance. Our incredible journey to the Holy Land was a gift from Tom for my graduation from the University of Utah -- I was on the 39 year plan! :) Because my minor was Religious Studies, studying religion is my passion, and I did graduate Cum Laude, Tom couldn't have planned a more special trip. It was a dream come true for me. Tom, who is a historian, loving all history but, in particular, the Civil War, knew very little of Biblical history. After returning home, Tom admitted that this trip was the best he's ever been on -- even better than his 4 weeks in Africa several years ago. And, so, I am going to cut and paste my blog entries from the blog I wrote, or mostly wrote, while in the Middle East. Blogging from an iPad was extremely difficult so there was a lot of improvising. Once I was home and back on my Mac, I was a happy camper and the blog came together. I think my frustration was in part due to: the iPad, the blog site, Arabic servers, and internet connections that might not have been up to our standards in some of the cities we visited. For our next adventure, we have purchased a small PC notebook. I'm not sure I'm going to like it any better, but I will not take the chance of anything happening to my Mac. And, thus, the reason I am practicing with different blog sites before we leave the country, again. Off to blog. Enjoy!
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