Vietnam & Cambodia 2013

A year of planning, all by Tom, and we are finally counting the days until departure. We are gathering items to be packed, our first aid kit is ready to go with various meds for various diseases or food poisonings we may contract, we have gifts that represent Utah to give to various tour guides, and we are thinking of what clothes to pack. In another two weeks, we will be a flurry of activity trying to get it all done. On our last great adventure, we hired our cute housesitters -- a young couple with two precious little girls. This time, we are leaving our son in charge -- not sure how this will work out, but we have confidence that with a little guidance from his sister, the house, the dogs, the cat, and the plants will all survive! Oh, and Patrick, please do not forget to shovel the snow and bring in the mail! Tom has filled our itinerary with every imaginable adventure -- plane, train, boat, tuk-tuk, ATVs, motorcycles, hot air balloon, Hanoi kids as tour guides (college kids who want to brush up on their English), and we will be spending an evening and part of a day with survivors of the Killing Fields in Cambodia. Tom and I just read a book, a true story, of a survivor. Very sad. Made me cry. With all this adventure, I want everyone to understand that I prefer to have my feet firmly planted on the ground. I don't even do rides at amusement parks. Stay tuned -- 18 days . . . .
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Feb 17, 2013 to Mar 21, 2013

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