London to Aqaba

I booked a trip with Explore: London to Aqaba that starts in London, takes trains to Venice and through 4 capitals in the Balkans, then goes to Istanbul and Cappadocia in Turkey. From there we were supposed to travel by bus to major sites in Syria, including Damascus, before heading to Jordan and perhaps the major attraction Petra before visiting Aqaba and the Dead Sea. There were some major changes to the itinerary. First, even before the trip, construction in Switzerland killed the train ride to Venice so we flew. Then there were some other problems with trains so we had other sections of bus travel. The most unhappy change was due to the demonstrations in Syria that caused the company to give us an alternative itinerary in Turkey because of Great Britain's travel advisory for Syria. But, happily, the extra days in Turkey turned out to be very special. Before the trip I spent a few days in London and then continued my trip to Cyprus for a few days at the end.
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Mar 26, 2011 to May 01, 2011

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