The B's: Burma, Bangladesh, Bhutan...and India & Nepal to boot!

After hearing my fellow Explore travelers talk about the Hidden Kingdoms trip: Banladesh, India, Bhutan and Nepal and how great it was, I decided I had to go. It had taken a few years to manage booking it. I had also wanted to get to Burma before it became too touristy. Since there were relatively close (or so I thought), I booked the two Explore tours back to back with Burma first. Getting flights anywhere is proving more problematic as time goes by so doing only one big ith one couple flight and then getting around between the countries seemed like a good idea. I really enjoyed my Explore Burma trip. We had a nice mix of 10 people with two younger couples and the rest of us sort of my age with one couple and four single women. Our guide Myamya was a very memorable young woman - full of information, enthusiasm, and spunk. Starting in Yangon, we then went to Inle Lake where we took long-tail boat rides across the lake to stilt villages with different craft workshops, then to the Shan city of Kalaw where we went for a half day walk in the countryside. It was great that we got to spend at least 2 and mostly 3 days in one place. On we went to Mandalay by train and to Bagan by boat on the Irrawaddy. Bagan is a magical place - over 2000 stupas dotting theland - glorious sunsets and pony-cart rides. Eight of us continued on to Ngagali Beach for a few lazy days soaking up sun, breeze and ocean air. Myanmar was a fantastic place to visit - lovely people, great scenery, and the tourist infrastructure has been quite impressive!
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Mar 18, 2014 to May 01, 2014

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