Baltic Trip - Summer 2017

As I remember it, Suzanne mentioned that she had been thinking of doing a Baltic States trip with Explore and that her friend Mike was interested in visiting Finland. I had long wanted to visit the Baltic States so I asked if she minded if I joined her and I said that I would prefer the later trip since I visited Oregon for Theo's birthday. As she remembers it, after she mentioned her interest, Mike and I both booked parts of the vacation so there she was - committed. It turned out to be a fantastic trip with lots of good food - espeically salmon! Mike's trip in Finland was cut short by his mother's illness. Suzanne and I turned out to be the only ones on our Explore tour so we had our guide Ona all to ourselves - more or less. Suzanne left St Petersburg for England to visit her family and I, after realizing I had another week, decided to go to Lapland, where I totally fell in love with Finland!
Planned Dates
2017-07-14 to 2017-08-17

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