Florida and Bahamas with Kara - January 2018

It all started with an offer of a free cruise to the Bahamas, but when I asked about the deal, I was told that you only stayed one night in the Bahamas, or something like that, and the rest of the time was in Florida. I said no Thank you. Then they had a counter-offer: substitute extra nights in the Bahamas for Florida. Eh, I said OK. Subsequently, I was called to confirm or something and told that, unless I had all-inclusive, I would be charged $800 in taxes, so I signed up for the all-inclusive. Then, I got a call about 2 weeks before departure, telling me that the cruise was not happening but they would find an alternative transport to the Bahamas (maybe a ferry, maybe some other cruise ship - I don't know) and rather than 2 nights about a cruise ship, we would stay at the Fort Lauderdale Ramada. So now I have a free cruise that is costing me more than if I didn't have a free cruise, AND there doesn't seem to be a cruise. But Kara and I WILL have a good time!
Planned Dates
2018-01-17 to 2018-01-28

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