Kamchatka and Trans-Siberian Railway

#401. Kamchatka in late summer (bears, volcanoes, native people, reindeer herders, autumn colours with Lost Worlds Tours This expedition to Kamchatka will take place in late August. Climatically this is one of the best times to travel and appreciate the spectacular scenery with the first signs of the brilliant autumn colours. In order to experience the richness of the region's flora, fauna and geology we plan to visit as many habitats as possible, including the central valley with the Kamchatka River, Tolbachik, Ksudach, Mutnovsky and Gorely volcanoes, and Kurilskoye Lake and the hot Khodutka River in the southern tundra. Kurilskoye Lake is part of a Nature Reserve and one of the best places in the peninsula to see Brown Bears and Steller's Sea Eagles. To reach it we shall fly by helicopter via the crater of the Ksudach volcano to a comfortable lodge where we shall spend a few days watching the bears feeding on the berries and the spawning salmon. We plan to swim in the hot Khodutka River and land - weather permitting - in the crater of the Mutnovsky volcano with its geysers, fumaroles, mud pools, spectacular rock formations and vivid colours. Further north we explore the Tolbachik volcano with its new lava cones and fields, bathe in hot pools, gather berries and enjoy the delicious fresh local food. We spend some time in the small settlement of Esso where we shall meet the local people and then stay overnight with nomadic reindeer herders in their summer camp in the mountains. The ancient volcano, Mutnovsky, is scenically one of the most beautiful places in Kamchatka. There will be plenty of time to savour the atmosphere of Kamchatka and follow our own interests whether they are ornithology, botany, geology, Volcanology, photography or walking. We shall visit Petropavlovsk and learn about its fascinating history and, from our Russian guides, we shall be able to learn about life in Kamchatka today and experience their kindness and hospitality. The pace will be leisurely. The walks are not difficult and are entirely at the discretion of the individual. Intrepid Trans-Mongolian Experience: Travel on the world's finest railway from Russia to China Come along on an awe-inspiring adventure traversing three great nations - Russia, Mongolia and China. From the opulence of Moscow and St Petersburg to the grace of imperial Beijing, travel along the most famous railway in the world through the heartland of Siberia and the vast grassy steppe of Mongolia - this trip showcases rail travel at its finest.
Planned Dates
2018-08-03 to 2018-09-12

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