Antarctica with Exodus & Paraguay Solo

Leigh Marrant, whom I met on a trip to Central America and saw again on a trip to Ethiopia, gave me an Exodus number to call after verifying that they had one place left in eDecembher trip to Antarctica and a sale. After taking to the rep, I signed up. It has been a bit tense making my way here. I have been traumatized by the weight limits for luggage on the required charter flight to Ushaia - 44 lbs. checked and 11 lbs. carryon. I am amazed that I am well under the 44, but way over on the 11 with my netbook, camera an lens, pills, phone and other essentials. Some of those will have to migrate to my checked bag. I am getting bogged in details. I have only heard very positive things from every person that I know who has gone to Antarctica so I am now looking forward to some amazing experiences!
Planned Dates
2019-11-30 to 2019-12-20

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