Kyrgyzstan - Silk Road Through Celestial Mountains

Central Asia has been on my radar for a while, and once I decided on a time to go, the next decision was which part. Most people I know equate Central Asia with Uzbekistan; the other better-known, and large, country is Kazakhstan. In the end I settled on Kyrgyzstan because it was described as "the most accessible and welcoming of the Central Asian republics" with "incredible natural beauty and proud nomadic traditions". The gestation period for this trip, as with humans, was nine months. Managed to gather a group of like-minded adventurers - 12 of us altogether - some of whom have been with me on previous journeys of discovery (e.g. to Galapagos, Madagascar). The biggest challenge was international flight from Singapore to Bishkek. The most natural option (timing, cost, availability) was on Aeroflot, except one potential traveller had such a negative perception of its safety record (it always amazes me these thoughts when it is far more dangerous to cross a road in Singapore). Uzbekistan Airways was another good option except they could not confirm availability for the group. In the end we flew Turkish Airways, which turned out very well, as you will see.
Planned Dates
Sep 14, 2007 to Sep 29, 2007

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