Baltic Sea Cruise 2019

We haven't "cruised" much in our travels having only taken one "ocean" cruise (via the "Inside Passage" to Alaska on a Princess ship) and a cruise on a 16-passenger catamaran around the Galapagos Islands. We've had at least two different couples (one couple from where Larry worked and one we met on our Italy trip in 2018) tell us how marvelous a cruise around the Baltic Sea was. The highlight of the trips the other couples took, and the stop they said we had to make, was in St. Petersburg, Russia. We decided to follow up on the recommendations we've received and do a cruise with Viking Ocean Cruises aboard the Viking "Sky" which was just in an unpleasant accident off the west coast of Norway in March, 2019. We picked an itinerary that includes "pre-cruise" time in Copenhagen and "post-cruise" time in Stockholm. Again, following the recommendations our friends have made, the itinerary includes 3 days in St. Petersburg. We've booked a "photo guide" for those days (and one night) to make the most of our time there. This cruise may not be the "kick back and relax" type of trip, but see what you think from our entries.
Planned Dates
2019-04-23 to 2019-05-08

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