New England & Canada 2019

Our "family traveling partners", Joe and Linda, invited us to do a trailer road trip to "Newfoundland" during Joe's scheduled vacation in September, 2019. However, when we talked about the distances and the time to drive them, Joe and Linda suggested considering an "air-land" trip. Also, Joe's coworker that suggested he visited "Newfoundland" said he meant to visit "Nova Scotia" which changed the logistics of the trip considerably. As we planned the trip, everyone seemed to have a different place they wanted to visit. The result was an itinerary that had us moving around quite a bit and still covering quite a bit of ground. But we'll start in Cleveland, connect via LaGuardia (NYC), and start the land part in Portland, ME and return at the end from Burlington, VT. Come along with us through our travel days listed below!
Planned Dates
2019-09-09 to 2019-09-21

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