Africa Botswana 2015

Welcome to our travel blog about our second trip to Africa. While we're repeating a piece of our 2012 trip and returning to the Victoria Falls (Zambia/Zimbabwe) area for a few days, most of this trip centers around 3 different "safaris" in Botswana. If you're reading this blog before the Departure Date, you should know that we're "pre-loading" some of the itinerary in the form of places we "think" we'll be because TravelPod's mapping service can't find them. Also, we're going to be "off the grid" when we leave Kasane, Botswana on 18-June. So while we might not have been "eaten" by something (or maybe we have?), we won't be posting blog entries until we're back within range of an Internet access point. So don't get concerned (or bored) if we don't update the blog for a bit; we'll still be working on entries and photos and will upload them as soon as we can. Thanks for following along with us! BTW, this particular trip is the largest "family affair" we've ever traveled with internationally (to date). Seven of us are traveling together from 3 related families. To keep some of the names that we might reference in the blog in context, here's a quick summary of "who's who." Larry & Rox - central co-'conspirators' of this trip (and blog). Joe - Rox's younger brother. Linda - Joe's wife. Becky - Larry's sister. Joyce - Becky's husband (MTF). Landon - Becky & Joyce's oldest son.
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Jun 11, 2015 to Jun 29, 2015

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