Italian Cooking 2018

Rox really wanted this trip. We're heading to a town called Soriano north of Rome to take some cooking classes with an operation called "Culture Discovery". As air fares into Rome (or any Italy destination) aren't particularly good at the moment, we're flying into Rome in the middle of the week. So while there, we've enlisted the services of a pro photographer to take us around on a golf cart and do some day and night photography within Rome. Then if we manage to catch the right train, we'll be learning (we hope) how to break the "pasta out of the box" habit while doing a little snooping around in the Tuscany region of Italy. For those of you on the tour who want to access the Google Drive repository of photos, follow this link: Note that due to the size of the JPG images and the problems with Internet access while on the trip, these photos may not be uploaded until after the trip. Also, the photos will be a "scaled" collection. Contact me if you want the full resolution photos.
Planned Dates
2018-05-16 to 2018-05-26

Trip Map