From Coca to Communism - Around the World with Max in Mind

Hello from Liza and Geoff. We waited a long time for this. Not just the 6 months it took us to actually leave Wales from the time of booking, but also the 6 years of thinking and wanting to do it. So why did we wait so long? Because, like so many people, we had the best dog in the world. Max, an Alsatian cross, had been our companion for all those years. Unfortunately this was his last year. For all the love and loyalty he showed us this trip is in his memory. Ecuador, Peru, Chile,(and Chilean Patagonia), Australia, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia. That's the plan. And for a couple of old hippies who don't do plans, it ain't a bad one. With Max in mind. Here we go.
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Sep 17, 2008 to Mar 23, 2009

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