Tourist in our own city

I decided it was time for a break as we have just had the outside of the house painted and now know how a goldfish feels we had Painters at windows for just on 3 weeks. Nancy was climbing the walls, so i took it upon myself to organise a short break with out her knowledge. I decided that Brisbane has had so many changes of late that we would be a day tourist in our own city and see some of the newer sights as well as do something we have always said and that was ride a city cat (ferry) on the river. I then decided that we will stay in town as real tourist would and booked in the the King Suite at the Holiday Inn. So to the Bat Mobile well the Subaru Forrestor and sit back enjoy this arm chair view of MY city
Planned Dates
Oct 20, 2009 to Oct 21, 2009

Trip Map