Heading South into the Slow Go Years

A long time ago, a friend and colleague, Mike Williams, related a plan for retirement, that had been told to him by a old fellow. The old fellow said that if one took all the years between retirement and death and divided them into three pieces one would have the Go-Go years, the Slow-Go years, and the No-Go years. The first third, the Go-Go years , would be filled with traveling and all things possible when one is still fit and able. The second third would be the Slo-Go years, when things start to slow down, when medical and physical limitations begin to appear and things become more difficult. The last third are the No-Go years, when one becomes hobbled by these limitations. At that point one does what they can to enjoy their life on their glide path out of here. The old fellow pointed out that any time not used in the first two thirds would never be available again. This thought stuck with me over the years. So far, Barb and I have done fairly well with our love of traveling the globe. She has been to over 75 countries, and I have managed 65. During past trips to Panama, Costa Rica and Nicaragua, Barb had expressed interest in visiting Cartegena,, the historic colonial gem on the north coast of Columbia. I had been to Columbia before, in 1975, some 40 years ago. Back then, it was a high altitude, difficult, gritty, and quite a crazy place. I determined to do it again, con gusto, as time was running out and in a few more years I may not be able to do it. Given my age an misc health issues, I believe this is my first trip in the Slo Go period. So we bought a couple of Lonely Planet Books, bought two plane tickets and headed south to the Equator for the summer. This time we are moving slower, stopping longer, and plan to catch our breath, smell the roses and recover. I will post periodic blogs along the trail with photos along the way. If you tire of the trip, send me a note( thomasgillam@msn.com) and I will delete you from the blog mailing list, Otherwise, stay tuned and enjoy a vicarious trip to Columbia and Ecuador. We will see you on the trail. Tom and Barbara
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Jun 09, 2015 to Aug 25, 2015

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