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North Bersted,United Kingdom
, United Kingdom
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English, some French, and can order wine and beer in spanish, italian and german

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Originally From
Current Home Base
North Bersted,United Kingdom
, United Kingdom
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Retired now but used to teach Maths to big kids.
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???? Not telling!
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I'm Gerry, OH is David. I'm the writer and IT one in the partnership. OH provides the muscle and support.

I've always had a wanderlust - a true desire to seek out places I haven't visited before. I desperately wanted to see Africa - it was a dream from the days when Blue Peter had an annual trip to somewhere special. Africa has been a dream for me. I loved East Africa in the 70s, hated North africa around the same time but loved the wildlife in South africa in the 00s.
I found my spiritual home - France - in the years after my daughter left home, having done all the traditional holidays, Disney, packages to Caribbean and Europe. It was a revelation, that there were places that were still living at a tempo that reflected decades previously. There were places where you could leave your door open with confidence that nothing would go missing.
And of course, where else can you eat so well as in France. The wine is always fabulous. After all, they send all the cheap and nasty stuff to the UK at a huge mark up.
If I had a lot more money, I would also like to visit South America. Brazilia, the Galapagos and the Pampas still hold my imagination. And to go up Sugar Loaf Mountain is a dream that I may fulfil one day.
Other than that, I am very conventional. Taught for 41+ years, married for 42+ and just one daughter and two cats. Retirement bungalow on the South coast and mid life crisis sports car(now retired with a friend in France). A mathematician, I don't suffer fools at all, hate the dithering and proctrastination of policitians and leaders.
Hoping to grow old disgracefully. Still having a great deal of fun, living life to the full. I sometimes surprise people with my sense of humour and my one liners. I say it as I see it.
Now the proud owner of Monty, an 8m fully equipped motorhome. Glamping at its best. Central heating, TV, proper bed, fridge and freezer, cooker and microwave. And his best friend Smartie. Spending every possible moment with Monty in France.
The plan was to rent out the bungalow or let a friend caretake it, and move to France in Monty for at least a year. In the end we looked at the figures and it wasn't worth the hassle of renting it out.  We already have a list of places and events we want to see and it is being added to all the time. Simba has been adopted and is so happy in his new home. I'm taking my darling Millie with me. She is too old to change owners now.
David was planning to sell his car but we just leave it on the drive.
We are free as birds - or as my totally non-PC daughter says - gypsies!

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