Departing on our Trip

Wednesday, September 27, 2017
Springfield, Missouri, United States
It's a good thing we are planners - this vacation has taken a lot of that - we had to have multiple shots, including yellow fever, hep A-B, boosters, and a prescription for Malaria.  We also needed to plan clothing wise as we were going to be in Mexico, warm stuff; south of the Equador, cold gear; Formal Night on the Cruise, dressy; and then the Amazon, light weight and quick drying.  It was a challenge but we got it all together and actually did use most of the clothing and kept our weight to just under 50 pounds per bag.
We started out at O-dark-hundred and drove the rental car we had gotten the previous day back to the airport - checked in and security didn't even check my liquid bag or my medicine quart bag, but I guess if we hadn't done it right, they probably would have said something to us.
We flew from Springfield to Dallas - what a huge airport that is, and then from Dallas into San Diego - both trips were uneventful - got to our hotel, The Urban Boutique, in walking distance of the Port, only to discover we weren't allow to check in early - BUMMER - we are tired and hungry and no place to rest.  We were told we could check in after 2 p.m. - several hours to kill - oh well.  We just left our luggage there and wandered around for a few hours and then came back and checked in and took a nap!  It's a nice, small hotel and really reminded us of the small hotel we had in Paris.
We wandered around that evening and found a place for dinner and then back to the room for an early evening - tomorrow is going to be busy. 
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