Last full day with the van Belkum's

Sunday, October 26, 2008
Durban, South Africa
Today we just took it easy at the van Belkum's. We held a LifeNets Trustee meeting in the morning followed up with a brai...a barbecue.  
LifeNets Southern Africa has been in existence since 2001. You can read about it here. I am a member of the trustees here, but, obviously, am always absent from meetings. So, it was a treat to be here for this final meeting of the year at van Belkum's. The Trustees are Andre and Elize van Belkum, Neville Smith, Jenny Futcher, and Jenny Tyler. Two of the members of the Trustees have since been deceased-including Jenny Tyler's husband.
We had the usual secretary and treasurer's report. It was wonderful to see how these people work together. LifeNets Southern Africa cares for people in South Africa and Zimbabwe. In South Africa we are doing about five scholarships. In Zimbabwe we are doing two projects related to water, goat-raising and habitat. All good things, all bound for success.
After the meeting Andre fired up the grill. His back yard is interesting. Monkeys, birds (a kite that knows that Andre will feed him). Even snakes. There is one that he knows lives in the rafters. We are assured that it's nothing to be afraid of. Andre shows off a snake skin hanging from the rafters. We are not assured, however.
The rest of the day was spent doing very little except enjoying each other's company.
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