With the Kriedemann's in Johannesburg

Monday, October 27, 2008
Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa
Today we fly up to Johannesburg and will spend our last night in Africa. In the morning we talked by phone with Dave and Teddi Treybig who went to Kruger National Park after the Feast. They will be flying into Johannesburg at almost the same time that we will. They will continue to fly back to the United States later in the evening. We will spend the night at the Morgen Kriedemann's.
It was great seeing them. With Morgen and the Treybig's we stopped at an Indian Fast Food shop at the airport and had what I call an Indian taco...sort of. We walked with Treybig's to check-in and saw them off. We went on to the Kriedemann's.  
The Kriedemann's had a nice surprise for us. They invited over a number of people that we have known, but have not seen over the years. Tony and Brenda Levy, the Jimmy and Pam Nicolau, Winnie Ross, Steve and Liz Serfontain, Richard and Linda Moore. They had a kind of buffet-style meal and we spent an enjoyable evening talking and socializing. Lots of questions about the Church and what we were doing in the USA. Also, about what was going on in the African churches-in Malawi, in particular. Morgen Kriedemann is the pastor of Malawi and travels there regularly.

It was good to see Winnie Ross who moved here from Zimbabwe after the death of her husband. We had visited with them several times in Zim before 2003. She looked really well. 

This is our last night in Africa before flying home tomorrow.
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