This trip started with planning an African safari. After spending months doing research, we contacted about five different tour companies. Decided a more private, individualized safari rather than a group tour was more our style. African Safari Adventure Company had just what we wanted plus they are located in our home state of Florida. Mark Nolting and his staff were excellent to work with; their communication, preplanning books/mailings were invaluable. A trip to Kenya in four different locations was finalized. Our connection to Nairobi is through Zurich so we decided to stopover and see Switzerland and some of northern Italy. Since other people's travel blogs helped us so much in planning this trip, hopefully our blog will help others, as well as letting our family and friends share our experiences. Rick Steve's tour books were very helpful, and we downloaded some of his audio guides. Purchased on line before we left: --All hotel reservations (usually through Booking.com); breakfasts included (saved time and money) --Italy train tickets (Italo train) --Swiss Rail pass including reservations for Bernina, Glacier Express, and all Golden Pass trains. (The first-class tickets were well worth it--more room, better seats, panoramic views on Bernina, Glacier & Golden Pass.) --"Last Supper" viewing reservation in Milan
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Aug 27, 2013 to Oct 01, 2013

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