To Mo Ca - Kaffa Coffee House

Saturday, December 13, 2014
Addis Ababa, Ādīs Ābeba, Ethiopia
Last was a coffee stop at one of Kaffa Coffee Houses and my introduction to Ethiopia's number 1 export with 60% of its export earnings coming from coffee.

Some call Ethiopia coffee as their "green gold".

Would having this coffee so late in the day keep me bouncing tonight?







Genet for a relaxing and informative full day’s introduction to your country.

Group meeting at 5 pm with the usual stuff covered by G Adventure’s CEO Fekadu (Will of God) ...

- Low impact travel,
- how 2 vehicles would be used, 4 in one and 2 in another as often a local guide is accompanying us,
- don't give sweets, money or pens to the local children despite what the trip notes said as this encourages begging,
- brief introduction to paying the subject to have their photo taken - 1 to 5 birrs,
- how children and adults will ask for “Highland” being the brand of one of the first plastic water bottle,
- warm evenings and mornings for all but one night,
- sunburn,
- malaria,
- personal safety like pick pockets,
- tipping,
- laundry in Turmi for the 3 night stay and
- lack of Internet for most of the trip!
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