Crocodiles - Lake Chamo

Monday, December 15, 2014
Lake Chamo, Ethiopia
Up early for the sunrise and a hotel staff member showed me these yellow feathered bird nests high up in trees on the hotels property. Yes, he wanted a tip for this!



Breakfast was Mortadella omelette 55 birr / NZ$3.70 / US$2.70 and a cup of coffee 15 birr / NZ$1 / US$.70c. Didn't know what Mortadella so that was a quick google search (sausage).




Greeted by baboons, it was life jackets on and then a 2 hour lazy motor around the shallow Lake Chamo / Nechisar National Park. A gentle breeze made it a relaxing morning.

Saw several white African fish eagle perched up high on the top of the trees, the very tall grey goliath heron with it’s with chestnut head, neck and belly. It is the largest living heron, a whole lot of great white pelicans. Then there were the even bigger massive marabou stork. They could reach a height of 152 cm / 60 in and weigh up to 9 kg / 20lb. They have a wingspan of up to 3.7 m / 12ft and some claim to be the largest wing-spread of any living bird rivalling the Andean condor.

The highlight of the day would be the lazy fresh water Nile crocodiles with just their snot above the water. Some I guess were 4 - 5 metres long. No hippos were seen.


The fishermen in waist high water were poachers. Park authorities could only do so much.



 A 50 birr / NZ$3.30 / US$2.45 tip for the boat driver.

Lunch of fried half chicken 85 birr / NZ$5.70 / US$4.20, Avocado juice 12 birr / NZ$.80c / US$.60c totalling 97 birr / NZ$ 6.50 / US$4.75.

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