HIGHLIGHTS Sun 14 Dec: Addis To Arba Minch

Sunday, December 14, 2014
Arba Minch, Ethiopia
Donkeys & Yellow Water Containers

Speedometer on Yohannes Toyota Landcruiser showing 80,216 km as we left for our first day's drive of some 500 km journey to Abra Minch

What was once a 14 hour drive, now with the road improvements it is down to 9.5 hours with stops.









Stop to see the teff being thrashed. This gluten free small grain is now becoming fashionable in the west. Teff is the staple carbohydrate for Ethiopians, just like rice is to us Asians, potatoes to the Irish and bread to others.












Abra Minch

After the all-day drive to get here, sitting out on Bekele Mola Hotel’s balcony with a bottle of St George watching the sunset with a spectacular view of the Lake Abaya to the left and Lake Chamo to the right far below us and the eastern Rift Valley wall was relaxing.

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