Dorze Village

Monday, December 15, 2014
Dorse, Ethiopia
Time out to enjoy this spot before the walk to the neighbouring village where we saw how enset or false banana plant which is used to make bread from the trunk and from roots porridge rich in calcium was made.

Excellent short 2 min 57 sec U tube made back in 2010.

Enset is a remarkable plant. Banana-like in appearance, it is being grown in famine-prone areas of Ethiopia as an insurance against food shortage.

The plant, with its giant leafy fronds, grows in three or four years, and is harvested - often by women, who pulp the central bowl or root into a pulpy mush. This is then wrapped in its own leaves and buried in the ground for upwards of six months - during which time the pulp ferments. Enset is high in starch, and is used to make bread or porridge. The pulp can last for several years, and be called upon as a source of carbohydrate at times when other food is scarce.
Enset is a plant native to Ethiopia that is often referred to as the false banana because, not surprisingly, of its resemblance to the banana plant. It is grown in the less arid highlands of the southwestern region of Ethiopia. Enset contributes to improved food security for approximately 15 million Ethiopians and, according to Ethiopian researchers, there is potential for expanding consumption of the crop.

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