Slow week in Kansas City

Saturday, April 23, 2016
Williamsburg, Kansas, United States
We headed up to the Kansas City area to see our boy, Philip before heading west. Didn't do a lot of major stuff, but,....that's travelling. Sometimes it's spectacular, sometimes it's less. It's all good.

We went out to a local...and I do mean local....BBQ place one night. Cash only ! Good ribs. Guy and Mae's BBQ in Williamsburg, KS.

Some nature shots...

...and our Katie........LOVES to play with her broccoli....check out this video....too funny.

Lastly, there is a small, old cemetery across the dirt road from the RV Park. Somehow, we like old cemeteries, so....

and our RV spot..Homewood RV.
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Steve and Kim

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Vikki & Charlie Williamson

When you see your son is it like looking in a mirror? Cooleo.

Marlene Collins

Katie is growing so quickly maybe she will need that big bowl. Love to all. M