Down the Colorado and Green Rivers in 1869

Thursday, May 19, 2016
Green River, Utah, United States
As we pulled into Green River, Utah to find our RV park, we passed the John Wesley Powell River History Museum. If you know anything about him, you'll know he was the first to navigate the Green and Colorado Rivers all the way through the Grand Canyon...did it in 1869!

A very good carving at the entrance shows motion of the river, the sky, the mountains...very nicely done.

The museum shows much more than just his one journey. (As a matter of fact, he went and did it twice....well, almost twice. He stopped halfway through the Grand Canyon, "much to the delight of his crew".) The museum has history of the original Indians and their Rock Art, short bios of the crews, geology of the Green River area, a talking trapper (you push buttons and he "talks" to you), and other river runners bios and their accomplishments.  

Great statue in the middle with small dioramas around the circular base....someone took some time with this.

And, of course John Wesley Powell himself....

Our spot at the RV park...
...good thing we were the only ones there at the time...not much room for our rig.
...and our Katie picture...

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Jim Alpaugh

Some of the most amazing petrogliphs are at a place called Newspaper Rock in the Green and Colorado River areas. Worth checking out.