I like those Wide Open Spaces

Sunday, April 24, 2016
Strong City, Kansas, United States
The way the prairie used to be has always fascinated us so, when we got near this Preserve, we stopped in for an hour or two.
(Some of the photo's have text over them at the top left "Read photo story!". That means there's more descriptive text accompanying that photo that you can read)

The visitor's center is terrific. Very educational as to what the Tall grasses are all about.
From there, you basically have three choices: one, go over to the old house of the previous owners, two, go visit the large stone barn or three, take a hike into the grass plains themselves. Kim went for one and two while I went for a hike up an back a hill.

The hikes are very relaxing but not that much to see....just those wide open spaces....

As always, there's so much more than we can put in a short blog. Nice place to visit.
Steve and Kim

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