Big Disapointment

Thursday, April 28, 2016
Dodge City, Kansas, United States
We'll start with the "good". West of town are some original trail ruts and tracks from the Santa Fe Trail which went through this area. I thought it was an emigrant trail but it was used mainly for commerce....did not know that. It was tough to see actual ruts but, with the help of a you tube video, we found them.

Great silhouettes when you come into the town from the west.

Flying birds above are really difficult to photograph but I got this Red-tailed Hawk.

...and the "bad"

We went down to Dodge City to see some Old West History but came away disappointed. The "Historic Downtown Walk" is nothing but a bunch of buildings with "normal" businesses. No western theme whatsoever. The Boot Hill Museum probably was nice but we just bailed....did not look like something we wanted to visit.

The RV park was sufficient for our stay but the "gravel" on the interior roads was miserable and HUGE ! These were some of the worst interior roads in an RV park we've encountered.

One other good thing is I found a Freightliner dealer who sold me two new fuel filters ! Woo woooo! they say, "Get Outa Dodge" !

Steve and Kim
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Not bad

Patty and Mike Brown

If you had driven close to the stock yards we would have heard about it.
Especially as it is getting hot now and that wind blows the smell of cow doo-doo for miles. That is when you really want to "Get out of Dodge".