Up and Over the Colorado Rocky Mountains

Wednesday, May 04, 2016
Glenwood Springs, Colorado, United States
Before we headed up and over the Rocky Mountains, we stopped for gas. How'd you like this for a fill-up bill? We're getting about 7.5mpg. Ugh.

We left about 6am to beat the Denver traffic, heading south. We then headed west just as the bumper-to-bumper traffic hit.....if we'd come a half hour later, we'd have been stuck in it.
So.....up and into the Rocky Mountains we went.

Once we reached the summit and began heading downhill, we started to see lots of Runaway Truck Ramps....I'm not sure I'd like to be barreling down at 70mph with no brakes and have to go up one of these. Gulp !

Anyway, lots of snow at the higher elevations and wonderful views. The Aspen trees still had no leaves yet.
...and then out the other side and into the Glenwood Canyon and Colorado River area towards Grand Junction.
Oh, the ski slopes are Vail...I heard their lift tickets for a day are getting up to around $140-150 each !

We were a bit concerned about having the melted snow, along with the brine and salt, on the roads when we went through....would not be good for the underside of the coach but it was dry all the way.
Gorgeous journey.
Steve and Kim
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Patty and Mike Brown

Just think how much cheaper an Obama Electric RV would be for fuel. You could probably get about 6 to 10 miles per day with electric power. Kinda like the pioneers got with prairie schooners and oxen.
Don't you just love Colorado?

Debra (Brown-Ernst) Baillie

I recognize all these shots! Oh I wish I would've known you guys were coming through...would've met you up in Frisco to get some of the best gumbo this side of the Mississippi to fortify you for the mountain driving. :-) Next time you head through this way, drop me a line (I'm living just north of Denver in a lil one-horse town). Have fun! :-) Deb