Finally, our last state !

Friday, April 29, 2016
Guymon, Oklahoma, United States
We had two states that were missing from our U.S. map on the outside of our coach. One was Arkansas, which we did with our Little Rock and Carthadge visits and the other was Oklahoma. So....down we went to the far western part, the panhandle, to visit Guymon and the western plains.

We got to for all our park choices and this one came up with good reviews. It's an RV Park AND a Drive-In Theatre ! They open the drive-in the week after we left, otherwise we could've watched the movie out our RV window! Pretty cool.
It's a new place that is level and spacious.

When they bought the property, it included a blowing alley/fun place building so the wife decided to use the bowling balls in the yards.

While there, we saw the most unusual clouds we've seen. Terrific looking !

...and our Katie photo !

That's it for Oklahoma.
Steve and Kim

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Pam Holt

Thank you for sharing your travels. Glad things are going well so far!