2016 Down the Colorado River

Wednesday, May 18, 2016
Dewey, Utah, United States
When we left Grand Junction, there was no availability in Moab so we decided to head to Green River, Utah...only about 90 miles away but....I decided to take a detour and go down the Colorado River road to Moab and then head up to Green River. It's a beautiful drive and only added about 50 miles to our journey. We're sure glad we did ! Once we got to the river, it was spectacular. At the end of the photos is a movie shot out our front window as we drove....worth watching. (and you click on the photos to see them larger).

Here's the route we took. At Agate, we headed south towards 128.

The first 45 miles or so was a narrow 2-lane road...kinda rough so we just went slow and enjoyed the "scenery" then we pulled over to read the signs and found a large Prairie Dog community. This one guy was making sure the rest knew we were near.

Then we finally got to the road that travels along the Colorado River heading south towards Moab....enjoy the photos. You just don't get scenes like this back east...oh, and watch the movie !

...and our Katie photo...looking very attentive.

Steve and Kim and Katie

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