Botanical Gardens...way better than expected

Saturday, May 14, 2016
Grand Junction, Colorado, United States
Of course, we love gardens and Grand Junction has one called the Western Colorado Botanical Gardens. We looked at it online and it didn't look like much but....we went anyway.
Who doesn't love flowers?

Anyway, it was waaay better than we expected. A fabulous Butterfly Garden, inside rooms and
famous state-wide rock garden.'s some photos.

Sorry if we didn't get the names of all of them. Signage seems to be a problem at every garden. (this software makes you put a title for each photo so you'll see some odd captions).

In all, they had (1) a butterfly garden, (2) inside "hot" room, (3) outside rock garden, (4) Iris courtyard, (5) an entire outdoor section devoted to the valley's history....irrigation, farming, orchards, uranium, natural gas, etc. (6) gift shop and (7) flowering entrance. Pretty extensive place. You could easily spend a couple of hours in each section.

Nice surprise.

Steve and Kim

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